Step Counter Walking Style HJ-321

Step up to better health

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The step counter features 3D Smart Sensor technology - so it knows exactly when you're taking a step. Use this unit everyday to monitor your fitness achievements!

3D Smart Sensor - for more accurate counting of steps

Walks in your pocket, bag or on your hip for added convenience!

Super slim and lightweight

Easy to read LCD display

Calories burned

Measure the intensity of your activity

Aerobic steps

Aerobic steps are the physical exercise that helps us stay healthy. Aerobic steps are counted separately when walking more than 60 steps per minute and more than 10 minutes successively.


  • Count no. of steps walked
  • Aerobic steps walked
  • Display distance walked
  • Calories burned
  • 7 day memory - helps you keep track of your daily activity
  • Time display
  • Battery saving mode
  • Unit switch